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an old steam engine sitting on the ground
Holt steam driven crawler tractor circa 1890.
two men are riding in the back of a large truck
Latil 4x4 TAR Heavy Artillery Tractor and Lorry - Tank Encyclopedia
an old black and white photo of a tank
a man sitting on top of a blue tractor next to a dump truck in the dirt
The Vickers VR180 Vigor crawler
Official Vickers photo of a Vigor in action somewhere in the UK in 1955. This machine is set up for scraper towing with a Vickers model VGRCU cable control on the rear. Headlights on the machine are a factory option. The machine tows a Vickers-Onions Model 11-15 cable scraper.
an old tractor is on display in a field with other antique tractors and machinery behind it
Antique Miscellaneous Tractor - Yuba
an old black and white photo of a bulldozer in the mud
Semitrckn: Photo
an old train is on display in a museum
Hornsby Chain Track Tractor
an old rusted out tractor sitting on the ground
an old tractor is parked in the dirt
an old rusted out tractor sitting on top of dry grass next to a building
1949 Fordson. by Ingo Valgma
an old tractor sitting in the middle of a field with wheels on it's sides