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an old man sitting in a chair reading a book with the words good morning on it
Psalm 55:16-19 🙏🏻Prayer
Psalm 55:15-19 • Let death stalk my enemies; • let the grave swallow them alive, • for evil makes its home within them. • But I will call on God, • & the LORD will rescue me. • Morning, noon, & night • I cry out in my distress, • & the LORD hears my voice. • He ransoms me & keeps me safe • from the battle waged against me, • though many still oppose me. • God, who has ruled forever, • will hear me & humble them. • For my enemies refuse to change their ways; • they do not fear God. #psalm #pray #myenemies #battle #dailyinspiration #faith #scripture #godsend #jesus #CeliasCustomCreation #godswill #godslove #bibleverse #myfaith #inspiration #serenity #prayer #prayerneed #strength #biblequotes #scriptureverse #singlelife #biblequotes #bible #jesus #morningquote #Hislove #hop
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Good Morning Saturday Wishes and Blessings with Images
Good Morning Saturday Wishes and Blessings with Images
a prayer for the power of prayer
Psalm 3 Unveiled: A Powerful Prayer for Protection and Deliverance - Prayer Prompt
Delve into the profound verses of Psalm 3 with our guide on 'Prayer for Protection and Deliverance in Times of Trouble.' Discover the transformative power of this prayer in seeking divine protection and deliverance during challenging moments. #DivineShield #SpiritualStrength#PrayerForProtection #Psalm3
a poem written in purple and pink with the words, morning prayer pick me up lord and hold me in your loving arms protect me from the pressure
a sign that says morning prayer with a cup of coffee on it and leaves in the background
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a card with the words good morning and flowers on it, in front of a yellow background
a poster with the words, good morning your breakfast is ready love a bowl of peace a spoon of hope a fork of care and a glass of prayer
a quote with red flowers and hearts on it that says, every day is a blessing when