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an image of a house with water coming out of the roof and into the ground
8 Passive Ventilation Strategies For Your Tropical Home | Architropics
a blue door with two arched glass windows
designing a round door
a white house with a stone fence and flowers
Lady of the Lakes: The Legacy of Beatrix Potter - Victoria
Nestled in a small hamlet alongside a babbling brook, Yew Tree Farm is one of the many properties once owned by Beatrix Potter.
a small garden shed with potted plants on the outside and a picnic table in front
A Magical Garden in Buffalo
The columnar apple trees in the front and back gardens, which have very short branches hugging a central trunk, were something they first spotted in Italian orchards in the Dolomites. The kitchen garden grew out of a trip to France, where they became enchanted with the cross-shape gardens at monasteries; a visit to Monet’s garden in Giverny inspired the knee-high fence of espaliered apple trees. Checkerboard paving—alternating squares of concrete and grass—has similar roots. “We saw it in Fra...
an image of a house in the woods with trees and leaves on it's sides
Mesekunyhó - Überlingen
Mesekunyhó - Überlingen | by Timea Kerekgyarto
an old building with flowers growing out of it's windows next to a river
The World's 15 Storybook Cottage Homes
A cottage in the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette, Versailles, France
an old brick house with ivy growing on it's roof and stairs leading up to the front door
'Very little house': Photographer Gerolamo Romano
crescentmoon06: “ 'Very little house': Photographer Gerolamo Romano ”
a small white house sitting in the middle of a yard with lots of trees and flowers
So tiny but soooo cute!