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an outdoor table and chairs on a patio with plants in the backround area
Pots & Planters in small spaces - small spaces GARDEN DESIGN
a building that has some plants in front of it
trees with white flowers and green leaves are in front of a brick building that says, 6 arbols ideales para plantar en la acera o vereda
6 árboles ideales para plantar en la acera o vereda
6 árboles ideales para plantar en la acera o vereda
an outdoor living area with chairs and tables in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
two bags filled with plants sitting on top of a table
¡Romero planta protectora del hogar!
Quieres proteger y darle buena energía a tu hogar?, una planta de romero debes tener.
a painting of purple flowers and green leaves
Propiedades del romero
¿Qué beneficios aporta el romero? ¿Que limpia el romero? ¿Qué nutrientes y vitaminas tiene el romero? Aprende todo lo que necesitas para sacar el máximo provecho de esta maravillosa planta medicinal
some very pretty green plants by a white brick wall
16 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes From Outdoor Spaces, Naturally
Rosemary growing in the yard
Foyer, entry, decor, organic modern, sphere planter, crate and barrel, faux tree Home, Dekorasyon, Hol, Deko
Entryway Decor
I will always love this sphere planter and faux eucalyptus tree from Crate and Barrel. This is the largest planter size and i went with the 8’ tree.
a large potted tree sitting next to a window in a room with two chairs