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frog figurines sitting on top of green leafy plants with name tags attached to them
In the Art Room: Art Show Part 2
An elementary art teacher blog with art projects and lessons, DIY projects and outfit photos as well as clothing I have made myself.
four ice cream cones with different toppings on them, each decorated like an ice cream cone
the pizza has been cut into eight slices
there are many cupcakes on the table
Clay Cupcake Pots
25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids
25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids
three ceramic frog figurines with crowns on their heads
Anyone else interested in Ceramics/Pottery/Wheel Throwing?
three white clay sculptures sitting on top of an orange table next to each other with eyes and mouths
a table topped with lots of colorful cups and monsters
a collection of monster pinch pots | Clay art for kids, Clay projects ...
a dog figurine with its mouth open and tongue out, holding a pink object in it's mouth
Big mouth clay animals.
a white bird sculpture sitting on top of a counter
Pinch Pot Creature - Middle School Project
a clay rabbit is sitting on top of a pot with its paws in the air
Clay Creations this week
pinch pot animals
four chocolate beavers with their mouths open and eyes closed, sitting on top of each other
Pinch Pots Ideas - Beavers
a clock made out of ceramic with holes in the middle and a hand painted design on it
cool clocks - Swagbucks Search
Cool clock - created by 4 to 6 year olds
an octopus figurine with its mouth open and tongue out on a gray surface
25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids
Pinch pots have come a LONG way since I made my little birds back in elementary school. These 25 Pinch Pot Ideas for Kids will let you and your kids explore so many beautiful and creative pinch pot ideas together! They also make for amazing kid-made gifts, so have a blast! Enjoy! These air-dried clay planters would make a great kid-made gift for anyone who loves growing! Via Totally The Bomb Believe it or not, two pinch pots were used to make this turtle. You're going to love how it's done! V...
several jars with drawings on them and the words how to teach a cultural heritage art lesson
Culture Jars Art Lesson: How to Teach Cultural Heritage
I created this culture jars art lesson for an Art and World Cultures class, and continue to use it in art classes because it is so well received. This lesson is the perfect way to showcase each individual students’ celebrations, traditional food and meals, customs and beliefs. Here’s how I teach and display it.
an image of origami art with mrs nuyenn radical paper relief sculptures
Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)
Art with Mrs. Nguyen (Gram): Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)
colorful paper flowers laid out on top of a black table with colored crayons
Radial Plate Weaving (3rd)
Radial Plate Weaving Art with Mrs. Nguyen
two paper plates decorated with a christmas tree and snow on the bottom one has an ornament that says evergreen tree weaving
Art with Mrs. Nguyen
How to create an evergreen tree weaving! Art with Mrs. Nguyen
the art project is made with colored paper and black construction paper, which are shaped like cones
a person holding up a piece of art
Rollercoaster Art Project - Watercolor and Zen Tangle
an image of some cookies with hearts on them and the words op art middle & elementary lessons
Opt Art Project for Middle & elementary school, standards-aligned with rubric
a person holding up a piece of art with the words,'zentanglele growth minds
Zentangle Growth Mindset Project - Molly Maloy
several images of hands with colored ribbons in each hand and black and white checkered background
Art Education Resources, Elementary Art Lesson Plans, Kindergarten Art Lessons, Homeschool Art Projects
36 Elementary Art Lessons for Kids
four different colored cupcakes are shown in this painting
6th Grade Art Lessons and Projects