comedy genius-no halloween candy

I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy - Jimmy Kimmel Live. "You sneaky mom! Can watch this video over and over again and still so funny.

choose your perfect board game

Pick the Best Board Game to Play in Any Situation with This Flow Chart If you've finally got a group together for a game night--or if it's family game time--and you have no idea what to play, this chart can help.

Free high-5's

Free high fives but no down lows

so punny

Another Canadian joke. BUT WAIT - Does this actually happen? I really don't think Canadians say "aboot" - at least not in Toronto LOL. What do you think?


Sherlock Holmes vs Batman - interesting idea: guess the superhero in disguise. Maybe for the princess/hero mash-up idea?

Cute and Funny Illustrations by David Olenick

Cute and Funny Illustrations by David Olenick

If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth - Designer and illustrator David Olenick is the artist behind a series of sassy food illustrations that get to the meat of how we really think and feel about food.

cutest bookmark ever

Inspired by reading about the wicked witch of the west, Kira Nichols created this polymer bookmark complete with ruby slippers. It's a reminder that polymer is a great medium for a quick laugh and or a fun well as for great art. The l [.

loooove ron swanson

Ben & Jerry’s Dexter Morgan's Miami Slice Ice Cream - If this was real, I'd so eat it.

the 29.18%!

Funny pictures about Hand-written diatribe. Oh, and cool pics about Hand-written diatribe. Also, Hand-written diatribe.


A funny comic cartoon about a guy who accidentally ate the DO NOT EAT packet in his pepperoni