Streets of Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria (THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS)

I want to go here and stand on the mountain where she sung Sound of music. Oh and drink beer! Salzburg, Austria - Magical land with The Sound of Music, Castles, Mozart, and Salt Mines

From House with a Picket fence by Emma Kriegler

white picket fence and cottage -- painting with threads -- gorgeous embroidery with floss and silk ribbons

Cottage Painting

Val Norman woman facing right, bending over about to pick a flower, large house behind left

Spirit of the Elements

"Spirit of the elements"-Josephine Wall, being acquainted with all God's seasons gives you pure vision.

Tea stuff

"Content by the Sea" Susan Rios Keepsakes 8 x 10 Look carefully. You'll see candles in the window of this charming seaside cottage. Susan Rios has been a professional artist for over 30 years