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a woman with red hair is standing in front of a brick wall and looking at the camera
mah-jong : fashion for rebellion
four different patterns in red, blue and white with dots on them for wallpaper
Vintage, Vogue, Retro, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Patterns, Vintage Pattern, Vogue Sewing
Vintage pattern books 1960-67
a blue background with pink, yellow and red flowers on it's side is shown
✿ she's a carnival ✿
an advertisement for old london perfumes with a woman's face and flowers in her hair
Yardley Legacy
Oh! de London Eau De Toilette #YesteryearsFavourite #VintageYardley
a pink background with red and blue flowers
Nähstoff mit 60er Jahre Muster seamless pattern with floral elements in retro scandinavian style - CottonBee
Stoffe zum Nähen 60er Jahre Muster nahtlose Muster mit floralen Elementen im Retro-skandinavischen Stil Siehe 60er Jahre Stoff Autor orangeberry Nähstoff bedrucken - Baumwolle prüfen und drucken in der 60er Jahre Muster
an old photo of a young woman with flowers in her hair, and the image is framed
Jean Shrimpton: covers and ad's
Jean Shrimpton: full page Yardley ad for Mademoiselle magazine, November 1965.
a blue background with flowers and leaves in the shape of circles on top of each other
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