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classic knitwear repair techniques: firstly Swiss darning, also known as duplicate stitching, which is a good way to reinforce thinning fabrics such as elbows on sleeves, or to cover up stains.

Repair the holes in a sweater with needle felting I am going to try this.

Woolfiller deals with clothing holes in the most fabulous and straightforward way, with this fix of coloured dots, or the blendy elbow patches. Can't darn? You can definitely needle-felt!

darn it!

darned elbow by ifandany, via Flickr

Darning tutorial.... oh the pairs of jeans I could have saved of the boys' had I known how to do this.

Tweed inspired darn on merino wool sweater - make repairs into a design feature!

Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree

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