next year mother's day project-give them a chalkboard to write their reason on and hold it up.

Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Grandparents Day gift idea .kids hold up a white board with their reason on it.

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Fun for a summer art project!

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Fun for a summer art project! I would let the kids go on a big roll of paper to make a field of dandelions!

Celery flower painting

Celery flower art is another great Mother's Day idea or just a simple art project for the classroom. I think the idea of using food to create art would be an interesting project to bring to the classroom and have students work with and experiment with.

end of the year writing

Great for teaching similes or when introducing hopes and dreams. This girl has a lot of "someday dreams" and then it shows what she is doing now. Would be cool if students came up with the things she could do to reach her goal.

Seasonal trees dot painting- Montessori Art

January- What's New on the Art Shelves this Winter

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spring card cardwith handprint flowers and styrofoam cup pot. Start before group time on monday. Begin by decorating cards with crayons and stickers on inside.

Letter writing Montessori style from Montessori Works

letter writing montessori style

Miss Rumphius: Barbara Cooney: Books

Miss Rumphius is The Lupine Lady. She went around spreading lupine seeds everywhere so the people of her town could enjoy the beautiful flowers year after year. ~ One of Danielle's most favorite book!