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an old coat with gold foil on it
Decorating With Metallic Gold........Especially At Christmas
Eye For Design: Decorating With Metallic Gold........Especially At Christmas
an old book with some type of writing on the front and back cover, in black ink
{typography love}
{kara rosenberry co.}: {typography love}
a sign with two men wearing hats on it's sides and the words correct styles for men
Ithaca Sign Works, Ithaca, NY
a sign advertising clothes for sale on a porch with an image of a man in a suit and tie
Ithaca Sign Works, Ithaca, NY
there are many buttons on the back of a fan that is attached to a wall
An entry from tenderblue
an open book with red and blue polka dot designs on it's front cover
No. 260: Muslin for dresses.
From athe Textile Manufactures of India. Huge database of textiles! Muslin for dresses, called "Bootee." whiet cotton, Embroidered with red spots. Use: Clothing, Women Type: Fabric for dress Origin: Dhaka, Dhaka District, Bangladesh
an open book with drawings of different types of hats
“The cravat should not be considered as a mere ornament, it is decidedly one of the greatest preservatives of health—it is a criterion by which the rank of the wearer may be at once distinguished, and is of itself ‘a letter of introduction’”. . The art of tying the cravat, demonstrated in sixteen lessons, including thirty-two different styles … London: Effingham Wilson, 1828. . #fashion #neckties #classism #lithography #rarebooks #fisherlibrary #uoft #styleinthestacks
a drawing of a pair of scissors with ornate designs on the handles and sides, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
11 Scissors Clipart Graphics!
Free Scissors Clip Art GraphicsFairy
an ink drawing of a reel with the words i'm in rueco on it
Free Digital Image Transfer of Vintage Tape Measure
Antique Images: tape measure
five different colors of thread with wooden tags on the top one is purple, the other is pink
BeauPapier - Etsy
Vintage French thread
an old fashioned sewing pattern for ladies's pants
Vintage Skirt Pattern Envelope ~ Free Graphics - The Old Design Shop
vintage sewing printable,vintage ephemera,aged envelope download,public domain pattern,antique skirt pattern,aged sewing envelope graphic
an old yellow box with buttons on it sitting on a table next to a white surface
Pardon Our Interruption...
Rare Original Box of Antique Ivory Rim Cloth Center Buttons
an old sheet of paper with buttons on it
Button Card
Vintage Button Sample card