There really is no excuse!

Your Excuse-Proof Workout Plan - short, sweet, and no equipment necessary! Exercise in 6 minutes.

8 Yoga-Inspired Poses to Soothe Sore Muscles

Yoga Stretches for Sore Muscles by cosmopolitan: When you work out, your muscles contract and shorten, which can leave you feeling stiff. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles to relieve this stiffness, lengthen muscles, and improve your flexibil

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Skinny - Actually really good.

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Thin – Actually really good. More people need to do this instead of fad diets… 10 Lazy Ways to Stay Thin – Actually really good.

Serious motivation! Love this- (except the wanting to eat a hamburger). I actually enjoy my vegan lifestyle. I do it for my HEALTH and well being and of course for the animals. Everything else rings so loud and clear.

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3 months from now is June!! That means Summer time! Get in shape with our Total Body Transformation Program :-)

Total Body Transformation

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Fabulous Arms in 5 Moves

Fabulous Arms in Five Moves

Fitness and Workout Tips 2017 : Be tank top ready all year round! Get Fabulous Arms with these 5 Moves.

14 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA not sure about this, but hey, it's worth a shot!

12 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face

Kinda weird but something of i have an issue with is my chubby face. 14 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face


At Bikram Yoga, we invite you to get to know our instructors, choose a yoga plan that fits your lifestyle and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with us!

Will YOU? #Fitness #Inspiration

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Don't be afraid to lift the big weights.

befit-behealthy-beyou: “ myvodkanights: “ I found this somewhere - OMG! ” This is amazing, the scale does not matter ”

Weight loss before and after.   Healty food , exercise

5 SIMPLE Ways to Lose Weight Without Really Working On It – These Weight Loss Tips Really Work! >> 5 EFFECTIVE weight loss tips >> 5 simple ways to lose weight these are the most effective tips I have.

Want it.  Work for it!

You want this body? You're gonna have to work your ass of. Life and fitness motivation.

Imagine yourself a year from now...

Imagine yourself, a year from now with the body you've always wanted. All your hard work finally paid off. Exercise, eat healthy and stay positive.