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18 Messy Ponytail Tutorials For Effortlessly Chic Hair

A messy ponytail is so much more than just looping dirty hair through a hair tie and rushing out the door. Much like the no-makeup makeup look, which can often take even longer to achieve than an obvious makeup look, a messy ponytail requires time and som

Make Up

Contour make-up gezichtsvormen

How to contour different face shapes. http://www.makeup.com/how-to-contour-for-your-face-shape

and highlighting is the best way to make your facial features stand out. Easy conturing tutorials don't come around very often, but our DIY tutorial is the best guide you'll find for making your makeup and beauty game its very best for your face shape.

Simple Every Day Look Tutorial for Blue Eyes

15 Gorgeous Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Simple Everyday Look for Blue Eyes Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Bikini vücudu Kardiyo Egzersiz Programı - nurcan arıcan - Fitness/pilates

Bikini vücudu Kardiyo Egzersiz Programı - nurcan arıcan - Fitness/pilates

Otoño 2014

Key to easy travel style? Mostly monochromatic.

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Bal ve limon

My latest find on Trusper will literally blow you away. Like seriously, you need to hold on to your seat.

Makeup Tips And Tricks 🎀

Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know : The EASIEST and most comprehensive contouring and highlighting guide on the inte

Bye bye blackheads

DDG DIY: How to get rid of blackheads at home (Beauty Hacks Vaseline)

Типичная Анорексичка [ТА❤]

20 Genius Concealer Tips - Under Eye, Dark Circle, and Contouring Concealers - etc.