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Early Century Combination warhammer, warpick, and six shot gun. The head contains five barrels, the muzzle is concealed by a hinged cover forming the edge of the hammer. Royal Armouries Collection, on display at the Tower of London. Probably German

Persuasion is a small sword just made for fighting. The curved main blade is weight reduced for speed and there are two small blades, (one under the grip and one behind the pommel), for close up co.

Indian pistol / elephant goad (ankus), century, heavy all-steel, used all over India to control Elephants and as a status symbol by the Mahout or owner (usually a Maharajah), 52 x 19 cm.

Ankus pistol

Ankus pistolManufactured in India c.19th century. .75 cap and ball, single shot, all steel, bullhook blades. Originally the property of a mahout or maybe the status symbol of some wealthy elephant...

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Awl Pike (Ahlspiess) | Austrian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Galerie Hugo Helbing. Kriegs- und Jagdwaffen des XIII. - XVIII. Jahrhunderts, aus englischem Besitz. Munich: Galerie Hugo Helbing, Munich, November 10, 1908. Lot 201 (our piece one of three in lot)

A silver mounted kastane, dating: circa 1800 provenance: Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Swords And Daggers, Knives And Swords, Cool Knives, Cool Swords, Martial Arts Weapons, Jaguar, Weapon Concept Art, Samurai Swords, Arm Armor

A silver mounted kastane

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 If I had to go with a Halberd weapon I'd go Naginata in a heartbeat.

SW925S - Warrior Naginata - $49.95

Warrior Naginata

Skyrim dagger mod from the Nexus

Мечи Джейсуса

Плагин добавляет 53 новых, великолепных образцов оружия, которые вы сможете самостоятельно создать в кузнице. Здесь представлены мечи, кинжалы, ножи и топоры, как двуручные, так и одноручные, все выполнено очень красиво и качественно, текстуры нарисованы вручную. Особенности: - Раздает мечи различным НИПам. - Кузнечные возможности зависят от уровня кузнечного навыка, то есть, чтобы выковать мечи, нужен соответственно развитый навык кузнечного дела. - Некоторые легендарные мечи можно лишь…

JL069 - Dragon Naginata - $0.00

Kult Of Athena - Spears - JL069 - Dragon Naginata - The naginata is a classic samurai weapon. The Dragon Naginata features a stainless steel blade and hardwood pole with cast metal accents. The pole screws apart for portability. Includes a hardwood blade cover with carved dragon design.

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DiY Home

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# Two silver-gilt-hilted Singhalese Swords (kastanes).

phrux: “ adamsforthought: “ dungeonsandpendragons: “ Commonly confused medieval weapons, a powerpoint by me. Now stop screwing them up, seriously, or I will put a medieval weapon in your.

AH3518 - War Scythe - $199.95

Kult Of Athena - Spears - AH3518 - War Scythe - Many medieval weapons had their origins as agricultural tools, and the War Scythe is no exception. The bulk of many medieval armies were made up of farmers pressed into service armed with whatever they could bring to the field. Many of these poorly trained and poorly armed troops had no choice but to come to war armed with pitchforks and scythes. However, pole weapons such as these played an important role in holding enemy cavalry at bay, and…

Apparently I just like strangely shaped bladed weapons, because I love this.

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art-of-swords: “ Pair of Hook Swords (Gou) Dated: century Culture: Chinese Medium: steel, wood “Source: Copyright © 2015 Czerny’s International Auction House S.

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