American Revolution

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New England Militia

Painting by Don Troiani


A grenadier of the Hessian Rall Regiment as he would have appeared in 1776. This was one of the three Hessian regiments defeated at the battle of Trenton. Being actually a garrison grenadier regiment...

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Approves 12 New Markers

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has approved 12 new blue-and-gold markers to be placed at historical sites througout the state. The selection was made from 47 applicants. Read mor…

Historical Accuracy Reincarnated

gdfalksen: “How to dress. ”

Marker Commemorating the 1780 Siege of Charleston Dedicated

Marker Commemorating the 1780 Siege of Charleston Dedicated On May 12, two hundred and thirty years to the day that General Benjamin Lincoln surrendered his force of 6,000 men to the British after their 42-day siege of Charleston, a marker commemorating the event was dedicated in Marion Square. The Surrender of Charleston was one of the largest defeats for the Patriots in the War, but it was also the beginning of the end for British rule in the colonies. More than 500 American and British…

Delaware River Road

Pictures, photos and description of the River Road in Bucks County along the Delaware River

Women's Clothes Part 2 by Goldenspring on DeviantArt

Made this to be a drawing aid for those wishing to draw 18th century women's clothes without doing a study. Part two of three Women's Clothes Part 2

What was the Boston Tea Party? - Answers

The Boston Tea Party, which occurred in the winter of 1773 was a significant American political protest against the British government in Boston, Massachusetts. Here is an infographic elaborating what led to the significant event of US history.

Poor Kid Died on His Birthday in The Revolutionary War

Capt. Henry Tauntleroy died in the Battle of Monmouth (NJ) on his 22nd birthday, 1778. Old Tennent Church grounds.

Battle of Bunker Hill Facts - The Bloodiest War of the Revolution

Battle of Bunker Hill Facts is an overview of the bloodiest battle in the American Revolutionary War. It was a Pyrrhic victory for the British empire.

Village of Valley Forge Historical Marker

Village settled by the workers at iron forge begun in 1742. The forge and part of village were burned by the British army in 1777. (A historical marker located in Schuylkill Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania.)

Revolutionary War Interactive Battle Map and Worksheet w key

This interactive PowerPoint lesson is centered on an interactive map that allows teachers or students to choose their own Revolutionary War Battle to explore simply by clicking. The 10 slide ppt. file contains a slide vital information for each of six major battles of the American Revolution. A gr...