xxx ~ Textile Length with Design of Stylized Carnations, second half of 16th century, Turkey

Turkey Textile Length with Design of Stylized Carnations, second half of century Textile, Cut and voided silk velvet on metallic ground

18th Century North Indian

/ detail from a silk cover with metallic-wrapped threads / century north indian / collection of the textile museum / sultan’s garden / the blossoming of ottoman art /

Length of brocaded velvet, 16th century  Spanish or Italian  Silk velvet. Inspiration for wall hanging interiors.

Length of brocaded velvet, century Spanish or Italian Silk velvet brocaded with metal-wrapped thread (via Length of brocaded velvet [Spanish or Italian]

Textile fragment Turkish, Ottoman, Last half of the 16th century Turkey

Textile Fragment ~ Turkish ~ Ottoman ~ Last half of the century ~ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

textile fragment - Ottoman

ottoman textiles: late century kaftan fabric, ogival vine with medallions and tulips

ottoman furnishing fabric • 16th century silk velvet • made in Bursa to challenge Italian competition

Furnishing fabric

Furnishing fabric Place of origin: Bursa (city), Turkey (probably, made) Turkey (made) Date: late century Materials and Techniques: Silk velvet Museum number:

silk velvet yastik • tulips and carnations • 16th/17th century ottoman textile

Cushion Cover late century Ottoman period Velvet, silk and metallic thread H: W: cm Turkey Arts of the Islamic World

Velvet with a chintamani pattern, silk and metal lamella  Turkey; mid-16th century

Velvet with a CHINTAMANI pattern, silk and metal lamella. The CHINTAMANi pattern is most often associated with the art of the Ottoman Empire, but it is older and probably originated with the Central Asian Turkic peoples,

Acquired Objects: Fortuny Final: Silk Velvet

Fortuny e Caramba In the last of my Fortuny series I bring you my favorite, his silk velvet. Fortuny grew up around textiles as bot.

Decorative cover, woven linen embroidered with silk, 17th century, Turkey

C Turkey linen plain weave cover embroidered with silk in running stitches, pattern darning; lined with cotton, plain weave 217 x cm x 54 in.