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Lionel Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs,hand knotted or flat woven,are among the most well known and established hand crafted art works in the world?Originating in the traditions of…
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Small Medallion Carpet with Red Ground and “Cintamani” Border, late 17th–18th century; Ottoman period (1281–1924); wool; 85 x 53 inches; Saint Louis Art Museum, Gift of James F. Ballard 107:1929
Confronted animal rug    Location:  New York, United States of America    Holding Museum:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art        Date of Object:  Hegira 7th century / AD 14th century    Period / Dynasty Ottoman  Provenance: Turkey
Prayer rug, dyed, felt-like wool Ottoman Empire; end of 17th century  H: 154; W: 104 cm   | copyright david collection copenhagen

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ANTIQUE TURKISH SHARKOY KILIM PASTEL COLOURS CIRCA 1920  Size: 7ft 10in x 4ft 11in (240 x 150cm).
Sarkoy  c 1890 Dimensions: Overall: 154 x 117 cm (60 5/8 x 46 1/16 in.) | University of Calgary
Sarkoy 20th century Dimensions: Overall: 198 x 107 cm (77 15/16 x 42 1/8 in.) | University of Calgary

* Şarköy in Tekirdağ Province

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Turkish Kilim Esme  1.30 x 0.87 m - Perryman Carpets
Eshme Kilim (DK-97-2) 6'3" x 10'8" (188cm x 320cm) Turkey, Western Anatolia: Mid-20th Century Flat-woven, slit tapestry technique: wool
Mng Carpet Products  Eşme Size: 223x163x363

* Eşme in Uşak province

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Antique Canakkale Ezine rug - 311 x 157 cm ( 10' 2" x 5' 2" )
Mng Carpet Products  Ezine Size: 140x89x125
Mng Carpet Products Ezine Size: 131x98x129

* Ezine in Çanakkale province

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SMYRNA, Izmir Turkiet, antik, 430 x 649 cm  |   Stockholms Auktionsverk
Smyrna, um 1920, 440 x 340cm, Zustand C/D
Anatolian-Smyrna-rug  around 1880, ghiordes-knot, worn, damaged 220*144 cm

* Smyrna today İzmir

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Antalya - Dosemealti hand woven carpet, 18th  Century Bowknot Dimension: 20Hx20V dm, Size: 143 × 196 cm  Location: Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Istanbul  Carpet is decorated with star motifs that symbolize happiness. The eye motifs are used to make happiness continuous. The borders of the carpet are composed of various flower motifs.
Antalya - Döşemealtı hand-woven carpets, 19th century  Stitch Size: 30 × 30 DM, Dimensions: 100 x 108 cm  Location: Museum of Antalya, Turkey  crow's feet is a fertility symbol from an Anatolian tradition known as the girl. Because oleander trees are often used in cemeteries, it is believed that this plant will keep away from evil. The use of camel motifs is an indication of the importance of nomadic communities.
Antalya - Döşemealtı hand woven carpet, 19th century  Dimension: 20 × 30 dm, Size: 113 × 143 cm  Location: Antalya Museum  The main theme of the carpet is the birth of a boy as shown in the symbolic representation. Hand, dragon and oleander motifs are all used to protect the child from evil. In addition to motifs with local names, the carpet consists of life and dragon and bird motifs.

* Döşemealtı in Antalya province

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Yagci Bedir Made in: Turkey Size: 3' 4" x 6' 7"
Yagcibedir Made in: Turkey Size: 3' 8" x 6' 4"
Yagcibedir pure wool prayer rug.

* Yağcibedir carpets woven in Balıkesir province

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VAN-HAM Kunstauktionen Kilim, Obruk.  19th Century. 153 x 84cm.
VAN-HAM Kunstauktionen Kilim, Obruk, Central Anatolia.  Late 19th C. 145 x 210cm.
Obruk Prayer Kilim  Obruk Prayer Kilim Late 19th C Turkey

* Obruk Konya area

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Bursa silk, Turkey, approx. 50 years, pure natural silk, approx. 185 x 125 cm  Henrys Auktionshaus AG
Antique Bursa Flying Airplane Turkish 3’9″ x 5’6″
ANTIQUE BURSA Origin: TURKEY Size: 4' 0" x 5' 3" Rug ID # 825

* Bursa northwestern Anatolia

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Turkish - Mujur    Circa: 1860    Color: Origin: Turkey    Width: 3' 7'' ( 109.2 cm )    Length: 5' 8'' ( 172.7 cm )
R4425 Antique Turkish Mujur Rug      R4425 Antique Turkish Mujur Rug

* Mucur (Mujur, or Mudjar) in Kırşehir province Central Anatolia

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Vintage Kars  6’1” x 8’9” | David E. Adler
KARS KAZAK antique 305x155 cm  Koller Auctions
KARS KAZAK old  114x134 cm  Koller Auctions

* Kars northeast Turkey

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Makri prayer (Megri) rug,today's Fethiye,Mugla,South West Anatolia,Turkey Age: circa 1890 Dimensions: 4'.2"x3'.6" (127x107 cm) | Hagop Manoyan, New York
Makri Antique Turkish Rug 4'3" X 7'0" (131 x 213 cm)  Age: Circa 1850  - ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUGS
Antique Fethiye "Jijim"  5'4" x 6'2" (160cm x 185cm) Turkey, Southwest Anatolia: Circa 1900  | Double Knot

* Fethiye Makri (turkish : Meğri)

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VAN-HAM Kunstauktionen Kozak, West Anatolia.  Late 19th Century. 97 x 80cm.
anatolian kozak rug original kilims 1850 cm 1,10 x 1,00
Carpet Northwest Anatolia  Kozak  19th ct.  knotted  99 x 82 cm

* Kozak Bergama area

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Malatya Antique Kurdish Rug Size cm:	167 x 97 Size ft:	5'6 x 3'2
Malatya Kilim  5'9" x 10' (173cm x 300cm) Turkey, Eastern Anatolia: Late 19th Century  | Double Knot
Sun Bow Trading: Malatya Kurd Yastik 3 ft 1 in x 2 ft Turkey     Dated 1961.

* Malatya capital of Malatya Province Eastern Anatolia

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Mng Carpet Products Yahyalı Sec Size: 206x116x239
11122 ANADOLU YAHYALI ZİLE HALI | Uçan Halı - 2.15X1.35
Cappadocian Yahyali Carpet | Boutique Carpets - Oriental Rugs & Textiles in Cappadocia   ORIGIN: Turkey - Cappadocia AGE: 70 Years MATERIALS: Pure Lambs Wool DIMENSIONS: 254 x 120 cm

* Yahyali in Kayseri province Central Anatolia

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Vintage Balikesir Kilim Rug
Turkish Rug - Balikesir Carpet  Width	148.00 cm (4,86 Feet) Lenght	209.00 cm (6,86 Feet)
K0009537 Vintage Balikesir Kilim Rug | Kilim Rugs, Overdyed Vintage Rugs, Hand-made Turkish Rugs, Patchwork Carpets by Kilim.com

* Balıkesir capital of Balıkesir province.

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ORIENTAL CARPETS | Turkish Rugs: Karapinar Carpet Fragment 17th Century
Central Anatolia, Karapinar, c. 1800-50.
A fragmented early Karapinar village rug, 18th century. province of Konya, Turkey.

* Karapinar in Konya province

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Anatolian Yürük prayer rug, mid 19th c., Karacadag (near Karapınar) 3ft.9in. x 3ft. (117cm x 96cm)
Yörük Kurd circa 1900 Dimensions: 187 x 87 cm (73 5/8 x 34 1/4 in.) | University of Calgary
Yörük Kurd  circa 1890 Dimensions: 190 x 126 cm (74 13/16 x 49 5/8 in.) | University of Calgary

* Yörüks, also Yuruks or Yorouks ( Nomadic Turkmens )

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Shirvishiar, Anatolia  XIXth century  circa cm 390 X 86  kilim
Sivrihisar Niche Kilim  Mid 19th century, 150 x 103 cm, Western Central Anatolia
Sivrihisar kilim, Anatolia, 2. half of 19th century, 132x215cm Clear design, pure wool on wool, vegetable dyed colors, fine weaving. Professionaly cleaned. Good condition, no hole, some minor oxidized browns.

* Sivrihisar in Eskişehir province Central Anatolia

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1511001 DAZGIRI  5'5 X 10'8
1511039 DAZGIRI  8'5 X 12'

* Dazkırı in Afyonkarahisar Province

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Antique Sharkisla Kilim  9'5" x 13'1" (283cm x 393cm) Turkey: Circa 1900  | Double Knot
Hand woven Turkish Kilim Rug, Sarkisla Carpet Rug of Anatolia W 98.43 in. x D 133.86 in. W 250 cm x D 340 cm
Sharkisla Kilim rug. A large Kilim rug from Eastern Turkey with very pleasing colors and large-scale design. Such large Kilims were made by tribal weavers during the summer months when they could set up large looms outdoors and weave these for wealthy local patrons who favored them as summer carpets.  W 9 ft. 2 in. x L 12 ft. 2 in.  W 279.4 cm x L 370.84 cm

* Sharkisla in Sivas Province Central Anatolia

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Sparta  Width: 5ft. 9 in.Length: 6ft. 7 in.  Nasser Luxury Rugs
TURKISH SPARTA CARPET, circa 1930 10 feet x 17 feet
ANTIQUE TURKISH, probably Sparta. 447 x 339 cm. - Bukowskis

* Isparta capital of Isparta Province

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VAN-HAM Kunstauktionen Kilim Bayburt.  Mid-19th C. 205 x 144cm. Condition: C. (Low pile in places, repairs).  Cf. Bausbach. Kelim. p. 136f.
Bayburt Saf Kilim Turkey, second half 19th century 7ft. 9in. x 5ft. 2in. I AUSTRIA AUCTION COMPANY
W-8281. Bayburt Namazlik Kilim

* Bayburt capital of Bayburt Province northeast Turkey

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PANDERMA antique  194x290 cm  Koller Auctions
PANDERMA antique 124x160 cm  Koller Auctions
PANDERMA PRAYER antique  125x200 cm  Koller Auctions

* Panderma Bandırma northwestern Turkey

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