2012-05-001 by paul hill, via Behance

Architectural render – Hand Drawn/Painted/other

Fachada de casa estilo clásico toscano. Realizada por Fernández Borda Arquitectura. #TONiX @tonycaru

Fernández Borda Arquitectura

1 (Exterior) This is a Mediterranean home because of the roof style and the siding type. This is also a Mediterranean style home because of the use of balconies.

Elevation: In architecture and drawing, a scale drawing of the side, front and rear of a structure. A geometric projection of a building on a plane perpendicular to the horizontal; a vertical projection.

Drawing - Elevations by Anique Azhar, via Behance

perspective-colors&line for deffirent materials3 - mauro@salfo.it +39.339.78.54.440

Contemporary home sketch, detail, horizontal

Horia Creanga by AlinaGeorgia7.deviantart.com on @deviantART

House at the beach, by one of the greatest romanian architects Horia Creanga

House by J.P. Gauer by dedeyutza.deviantart.com

Fint med farge i svart hvitt for å highlighte én ting.

Private Villa architecture design | Qatar | Doha |

Private Villa in Qatar

House by Horia Creanga by ~dedeyutza

A house by a very important romanian architect: Horia Creanga. House by Horia Creanga

Smith House by ~dedeyutza

The Smith House Achitect: Richard Meier Location: Darien, Connecticut Date: 1965 to 1967 Modern Architecture


The cross hatching and shadowing in this sketch is brilliant.

靜心連雲.jpg (1000×1000)

靜心連雲.jpg (1000×1000)

靜心連雲.jpg (1000×1000)

靜心連雲.jpg (1000×1000)

Montrose Place

Central London GRID Architects featured projects from Residential, Workspace, Mixed Use and Masterplanning.

Planner community regards' Awen www.arsindo.net architect | planner | interior

Professional Architecture Portfolio by Anique Azhar, via Behance/

Wohnhaus mit 4 Wohneinheiten, Berlin Grunewald

Boxwoods lining walkway instead of fence with groundcover instead of grass

Contemporary House, Pencil + Colored Crayons | ARCH-student.com

Two point perspective drawing rendered using coloured pencil to hatch and shade the tonal and textural qualities and lead to outline the forms.