Cooking basics

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How to pick a perfect watermelon
an advertisement with steaks on it that says, know your steak
These Useful Charts Are Handy In Various Life Situations!
an info board with onion, onions and other vegetables labeled in the words use the right onion
Know your Onion
an info sheet showing the ingredients for baking sugars, sugar and flour in different flavors
Every Conversion You Need to Know About Baking at Fahrenheit 350° to Celsius Made Easy
an image of measuring cups with numbers and measurements on them, labeled in the diagram below
a mason jar filled with measuring measurements
How many of you knew THIS is what would clean your post and pans??
the instructions for how to make an oil - based condiment chart are shown in red, white and blue
Olive Oil Conversion Chart
the spice usage chart is shown in this image
15 Super Handy Cooking Tips Everyone Needs to Know- A Cultivated Nest
a poster with different types of wine on it
100 Double Sided Wine Tags - Elegant Wine Bottle Tags Perfect for any Wine Lover **FREE SHIPPING** (