The most bad-a sniper in history…

The most badass sniper in history…

Funny pictures about The most badass sniper in history. Oh, and cool pics about The most badass sniper in history. Also, The most badass sniper in history.

Remington MSR …

This sniper looks very sneaky, because of the small tactical bipod and the silencer on the barrel. The long-scope hints on it being used for long range attacks.


Never said that God and Jesus were not part of my plan in life. I'm saying that I will stand my ground for what I hold dear. Defending my country my family is honoring God. I will not bow to any man or woman, nor will I surrender.

Sniper rifle

King's Arsenal Custom 50 Cal on Cadex Defense Strike 50 Chassis

Ghillie suit sniper. Perfect camouflage for the long distance shot.

Camouflage Ghillie suit sniper to help get the perfect long distance shot

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