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art by Jacqueline Deleon

Inktober day Starry Eyed✨ Today’s inktober was a fun one inspired by my black cat named Future!🐱 He likes to try and drink from the shower head and little drops of water land all over his face and sparkle like stars 😍 Today I used daler rowney.

OLIVER'S CARDBOARD GARAGE. for little cars, adapted from MissyInspired's blog. Instead of using duct tape, I used Aileen's Tacky glue for the entire project for a cleaner look. The upper level, set on 2 toilet paper tubes (lots of glue to hold in place), is wide so a car can drive past parked cars, the ramp has sides, and doors are marked enter & exit. I also glued a piece of cardboard in the center bottom of the box to level it. He loves it! Less than an hour to build!

Features a van with opening doors and detachable caravan that opens to reveal a small kitchen and bedL