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two young men standing next to each other with drinks in their hands and one holding a cell phone
ᛝ Akito & Toya ◞ ( 🥞☕️ )
artist: @juicelooped on twiter please support the artist || Akito Shinonome Toya Aoyagi Akitoya project sekai fan art icon card pfp matching ship
a man with blonde hair standing in front of yellow flowers and looking at the sky
two people standing next to each other in front of a chain link fence with the sky behind them
やや on Twitter
two anime characters with orange and red paint splatters on their faces, one is hugging the other's head
Ena and Akito
two young men standing next to each other with sunflowers in the background
a man with glasses holding yellow flowers in his hand
@hanada_09 on twitter
two people are playing the piano together
☕️}~{Aoyagi Toya
Credits to lZ_0o0_Zl on Twitter}~{ #aoyagitoya #projectsekai #pjsk #colourfulstage #vbs #vividbadsquad #fanart
an anime character holding onto another character's shoulder and smiling at the camera, with trees in the background
☕️}~{Aoyagi Toya
Credits to iiasada___ on Twitter}~{ #aoyagitoya #projectsekai #pjsk #colourfulstage #vbs #vividbadsquad #fanart
an anime character with blue hair holding his hand to his face
@_samGak on twitter
two people sitting down and one is holding a flower
☕️}~{Aoyagi Toya
Credits to qq20071011 on Twitter}~{ #aoyagitoya #projectsekai #pjsk #colourfulstage #vbs #vividbadsquad #fanart
a man with blue hair and glasses holding a piece of cake
project sekai | toya aoyagi ✩ pfp icon pjsk boy girl discord twitter aesthetic anime art 4k card leak wallpaper