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L. Cunningham

The Untouchables

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LEGO GTA V : Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, & Franklin Clinton (by MGF Customs/Reviews)


I invited the necromancers to ressurect the part of my old 2012 layout. Special for www.festnauki.ru on 30-31th May 2015. It has some new stuff like moving ice cream and helicopter's blades. Need to thank my buddy AmbyDexter for this. Police helicopter was based on "Little bird". Also inspired by Legohaulic and Project Azazel. Additional pictures and some video I'll post later.. when I'll have more time to prepare them. BTW. The number of parts isn't real. I have no idea how many bricks were…

Ouille, ça pique les kipik de Chupa Chups

Nos souvenirs d'enfance

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Nos souvenirs d'enfance

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602 Fire Chief's Car

602 Fire Chief's Car is a Town themed set released in 1978. It contains the fire chief car and a fire chief. 1 Notes 2 Minifigure Included 3 Gallery 4 External links The design of the car does not allow minifigs to sit in it. This set was released in the U.S. as 6602 Fire Unit 1 in 1981. Fire Chief Add a photo to this gallery Brickset Lugnet Peeron


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Flo - Progressive Insurance

I have been wanting to make a Flo minifigure for some time with simply no time to sculpt the hair piece. Since the LEGO Movie figures are now out there is a perfect hairpiece that simply needs to be in a slightly different color and BAM, you have FLO. Added a small rubber band for the hair band and the gun and Flo is armed for the ever dangerous world of Insurance.