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Scientific illustration of bug pokemon! I made this as a very last minute print for AX and was really shocked by the massive positive response. Real Pokemon, Pokemon Fan Art, Fanart Pokemon, Pokemon Fairy, Bug Type, Pikachu, Nerd, Gekkan Shoujo, Catch Em All

Pokemon Studies

Christine Vu makes Pokemon a bit more academic. (via The Uniblog)

Realistic Pokemon Sketches: Fire Starters by ReneCampbellArt on DeviantArt Pokemon Fan Art, Pokemon Sketch, O Pokemon, Pokemon Party, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Fusion, Pokemon Na Vida Real, Pokemon In Real Life, Creature Feature

Realistic Pokemon: Garchomp by ReneCampbellArt on DeviantArt

I love Garchomp; it's a Dragon, Shark, Jet Plane. Obviously I didn't make it look like a jet plane here, nor did I go all out with the shark aspects. I ... Realistic Pokemon: Garchomp

My first Pokemon fan art XD. With a little bit of my style, of course. I know that Gengar has red eyes, but well. in this pic, blue fits better in my opinion. Anyway, I hope you like it! The res. Pokemon Fusion Art, Pokemon Fan Art, Pokemon Remake, Pokemon Na Vida Real, Real Pokemon, Pokemon Images, Pokemon Pictures, Mew Et Mewtwo, Pikachu Raichu

Mystic Mewtwo by Dragolisco on DeviantArt

Another Pokemon remake, this time with my new username on it, hehe. You can see the progress in my facebook site ---> Mystic Mewtwo

Realistic illustrations if Pokemon. I would pay so much money to see a Pokemon movie in this style! Fan Art Pokemon, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Na Vida Real, Pokemon In Real Life, Pikachu, Type Pokemon, Scary Pokemon, Pokemon Sketch, Pokemon Breeds

Childhood = Ruined: These Realistic-Looking Pokémon Are Absolutely Terrifying (Photos)

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Pokémon characters would look like if they were real instead of colorful cartoons? One artist decided to try his own spin on this idea by illustrating a bunch of the characters to look realistic. The photos…

Beedrill Hive by Jared Salmond. More realistic Pokemon insects o.o I love Bug type Pokémon. Gen 1 Pokemon, Real Pokemon, Type Pokemon, Nintendo Pokemon, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Funny, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Realistic, Otaku

Beedrillkakunaweedil by JaredSalmond on DeviantArt

Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill realistic pokemon Beedrillkakunaweedil

by JaredSalmond on DeviantArt Nintendo Pokemon, Pokemon Funny, My Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff, Fantasy Dragon, Fantasy Art, Flying Type Pokemon, Pokemon In Real Life, Fossil Pokemon

Caterpietobutterfree2 by JaredSalmond on DeviantArt

Caterpie Metapod and Butterfree Caterpietobutterfree2

Seviper by Shwonky on deviantART Ghost Type Pokemon, Real Pokemon, Pokemon Fan Art, Random Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Realistic, Pokemon Regions, Pokemon Tattoo, Pokemon Pictures

Seviper by Shwonky on DeviantArt

Woopty-doo. A friend suggested this. So here you go. Seviper

Realistic Pokemon Sketches: Chespin Evolution Line by ReneCampbellArt Pokemon Fan Art, Pokemon Sketch, My Pokemon, Pokemon Breeds, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Fusion, Pokemon Images, Pokemon Pictures, Shinigami

Realistic pokemon Sketches; here's the Chespin evolution line.

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