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an advertisement with words written on it and people in the background, including two men
two children's drawings on lined paper with the words gommar and termn
the word mom spelled in many different languages, including letters and words that spell out what they are
an image of two stick figures with the caption'even bernie'and one saying, armida 33 ys var
Banane askin yasi yoktur🤬🤬😡😡💍💍🤘🎸
an iphone screen showing the video player's settings and options for different types of videos
14.12.2023 Antroposen 002
a man pointing at the camera with a hat on and text that reads, hoob kimkler gikra
a man standing on stage holding a sign
Harbiye 🥲
a man holding a sign that reads part kurun o verelim mango beyler
two people are shown in black and white, one is wearing a blue hat while the other has a red beanie
kucuk fermın
a man with long hair sitting in front of a brick wall