Hats- A Great Resource Here! Four Basic Ways to Increase or Decrease for the Crown of a Hat(depending on whether you start your hat at the bottom- the brim- or the top). And to be Extra Handy, they put all of them into Chart Form!

Wayuu Mochila bottom

Mochila bag Hindelopen-Tapestry,carry your yarnMochila,back loop only,optional yarn under start bottom magic loop every round EXEPT round 22 that has 16 increases .

Wayuu Mochila bottom

Mochila Navaho 1930 Bag-Tapestry,carry your yarnMochila,back loop only,optional yarn under Bottom 224 stSide fits the bottom

Cómo tejer una mochila estilo wayuú part 1 - YouTube

A series on how to crochet a Wayuu-Style base using tapestry crochet methods. Find more free tutorials on how to do tapestry crochet at AllTapestryCro.