It can both used as a hot plate or for decoration. This hot plate has foam pedding at the back.

Iznik pottery

İznik / Date : early 17 th century, Ottoman period / Technique: Stone-paste (fritware ), underglaze painted, transparent glazed / Dimensions: cm

8 things to know about İznik pottery

An impressive Iznik-style pottery vase. Samson, France, circa 15 14 in. This piece is offered in Arts & Textiles of the Islamic & Indian Worlds on 22 April at Christie’s in London

Iznik mosque lamp dated 1549

Mosque lamp, probably made for the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, dated 1549

Iznik mosque lamp with chain ca 1510

Iznik mosque lamp chain ca 1510 - İznik pottery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Iznik pottery mosque lamp, Ottoman, Found in Jerusalem in the ct.