Leprechaun trap

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a collage of photos shows a child holding a toy car in front of a st patrick's day box
Leprechaun trap
there is a small pot with gold in it and a sign that says free gold
a cardboard box that has some kind of thing in it
Leprechaun trap. Slimy goo bottom, Popsicle sticks for cage. Gold pot for Dollar tree.
a lamp that is sitting on top of a box
Makenna's leprechaun trap.
a green box with gold coins in it on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says shamrock land
Love Those Kinders
leprechaun traps w/ reverse psychology
an umbrella shaped planter in the shape of a house with green plants growing out of it
Leprechaun Trap!
the lucky charms box has gold coins in it
Ivy Prep Learning Center - Clearwater, Florida - Leprechaun Traps 2015 - www.IvyPrepFL.com
a potted plant with a free sign on it and a rainbow in the background
this is an image of fun and easy leprechaun crafts
Fun and easy leprechaun traps for kids
If you're looking for fun and easy leprechaun trap ideas for kids to make at school or at home with their parents, these DIY leprechaun trap project are simple and use cheap or recyclable materials. Some of these leprechaun trap ideas come with free printable templates. Upcycle those old cardboard boxes paper rolls, tin cans, coffee containers and turn them into fun, creative and unique leprechaun traps. Lego leprechaun trap.
Leprechaun Traps
3 Easy to Make Leprechaun Trap Ideas for Kids! These leprechaun traps are really easy and fun for kids to make!
How to Catch a Leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day
Follow these 3 simple steps to trap your Leprechaun. 1. Repurpose empty containers like a milk jug or cardboard box to help catch a leprechaun. 2. Gather assembly supplies like construction paper, popsicle sticks, Scotch® Brand Tape, scissors, shamrocks, horseshoes and rainbow colored items. 3. Get creative – use your art skills to create a structure that includes an entrance, shiny objects as bait like gold coins and a trap feature. Leprechauns are clever so be creative!
Leprechaun Trap | Easy Leprechaun Trap Idea
It's SO FUN and easy to make a leprechaun trap! This creative St. Patrick's Day craft for kids, made with an empty tissue box, is SO FUN for the classroom or home. Those mischievous creatures won't be able to resist the gold coins at the end of the rainbow!