crewel embroidery with crochet? Best of both worlds!..... I file it under crochet or embroidery? Inspiración ~☆~ Teresa Restegui ~☆~

crewel embroidery with crochet?do I file it under crochet or embroidery? This is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery (BDE) using Rayon threads and Milliners needles

Linen Placemats Set of 6 Hand Embroidered Linen Table Linen Table Top Fabric Placemat USD) by Rokasdarbi

beautiful embroidery

Premier essai de broderie , originally uploaded by chabronico . Gosh, I do love discovering first attempts at embroidery.

Crochet Patterns: Shrugs And Bolero's - Free Crochet Patterns

CABLED BOLERO Vogue Knitting Winter Design by Norah Gaughan. This stunning multidirectional cabled shrug, which Gaughan dubs a “capecho,” is knit one five-cable pentagon at a time. The sleeves are extensions of a pentagon.

IMPRESIÓN: Coser herramientas técnica mixta dibujo dificultades, página Diccionario

PRINT: Sewing Tools Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

『摄影奖项』2015 年度园林摄影师奖作品

Sibylle Pietrek Vase with Dahlias Normandy, France International Garden Photographer of the Year - Competition 8