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a poster on the wall with pictures of hermione grangerer in it
Character Field Guide Collection
a painting of a woman sitting in a chair with an owl on her shoulder and reading a book
Hufflepuffs United - Cozy Things
someone is sitting in bed with their laptop open and there are snacks on the table next to them
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the house is surrounded by many trees and houses with lots of rooms on each floor
Search – Stone House
an animal that is standing in front of a clock
Pottermore Sorting: Sorting Hat Analysis and Meta
Art Nouveau Hufflepuff badger
an illustrated guide to the different types of trees and plants that grow in the woods
A guide to identifying magical wandwoods. Ollivander’s notes on wandwoods and their magical characteristics can be found here. This is a follow up to my Harry Potter herbology series. (This is a...
there are many items that can be found in this illustration, including boots and other things
Ilvermorny's Thunderbird // Art by taryndraws @ instagram
the evolution of harry potter costumes
Ravenclaw Uniforms, 1910-1950
an animal with different facial expressions on it's face and hands, including the nose
This is so cute I'm crying
a woman holding a wand in her right hand with the words leviosa on it
a woman sitting on top of a stack of books with a feather in her hand
Savannah Alexandra Shop | Redbubble
Retro Hogwarts - SavannahSparrow - Ravenclaw
a drawing of a man holding a ship in his hand with the words ravenclaw written above it
a girl with long hair holding a broom and looking at an open book in the air
you wish
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