Mismatched tiles for kitchen floor! Coordinate colors of tile with colors of drawer handles and other "permanent" kitchen equiptment, accessories, items.

Moroccan mosaic tilework by Daniel Gilbey, via Dreamstime…something unique for our small bathroom, look great with all white everything else.

Moroccan mosaic tile work by Daniel Gilbey, This looks like one piece of art that Emily would create. I say this because she likes the patterns Muslim artwork. She told Amir she loves Moroccan tiles , everything that's in a Matisse.


“Puss-in-Boots” by Efemir Art. A black cat guards the way to the Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Basilique Sainte-Sophie, Istanbul, Turkey - Hagia Sophia is a former Greek church, later an imperial mosque, and now a museum.

Mosaic with cement tiles

Mosaic with cement tiles / mosaico de diversas baldosas hidraúlicas / Zementfliesen in verschiedenen Farben und Muster


The Moorish Turkish Flag of the Fertile o'KKult.eK Krescent Moon of the East and the Sirius Soul Star. of tha West. is Symbol.eK of the Bosp'Horus Bridge.