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CROCHET FRINGE VEST: Use the back of a t-shirt. Crochet a mesh front and add the fringes.

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топы кофты жакеты

топы кофты жакеты

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Вот она моя первая вещичка к лету... - Вязание - Страна Мам


Вот она моя первая вещичка к лету... - Вязание - Страна Мам

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Coastal Breezes Hooked is an asymmetrical vest designed to be worn a multitude of ways: with the shorter side up for a longer vest and narrow collar; or with the longer side up, for a shorter vest and dramatic collar. Plus, with neither right nor wrong sides, you can’t go wrong! Add your favorite shawl pin and, voila, a truly versatile new vest!

Coastal Breezes Hooked pattern by Michelle Stead

Coastal Breezes Hooked- Crochet Vest pattern by Michelle Stead. This vest is crocheted using worsted weight yarn. It is a quick easy project that can be worn a wide variety of ways!