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How I add volume & shape to my curly pixie
Follow @katrisharose on ig & tiktok for more! This is how I add volume & shape to my short curly pixie cut ➰ This is the final step in my styling process after my hair is completely dry! I made sure to include a back view for those who were asking 🫶🏽
a young man and woman kissing each other
Rapunzel, Hair Styles, Cabelos, Capelli, Hand Soap, Hand Soap Bottle
Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi, 1965
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a woman with long black hair and tattoos on her arm
As melhores músicas de Amy Winehouse
Relembre as melhores músicas de Amy Winehouse, rainha do soul britânico. Canções marcantes como Rehab, Back to Black e Valerie. #amywinehouse #musicas #soul
an old photo of a woman with braids on her head and makeup in black and white
Stunning Cleopatra
a woman in a yellow dress and headdress sitting on a chair with her hands behind her back
an old photo of a woman with black hair and gold decorations on her head,
an egyptian woman with blue eyes and gold earrings on her head, in front of shelves