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a room with a bed, desk and window that has plants growing on the wall
Comfy Hideaway
Elevate your living space with the Urban Jungle aesthetic! Explore a variety of plant varieties, including tropical gems and easy-care favorites 🌱✨ #GreenLiving #UrbanJungleVibes #HomeDecor
an unmade bed with lots of plants in the corner
cosy bohemian bedroom
#hygge #bedroomdecor #boho #plants
an unmade bed in front of a window filled with potted plants
People On This Group Are Sharing The Most Beautiful Rooms They Can Find, And Here Are 50 Of The Best
If you're looking for inspiration on how to redecorate or are a sucker for good interior design, you're going to love this subreddit. Hell, you'll probably enjoy it even if you're just bored and randomly scrolling through the Internet.
a bed sitting under a skylight in a bedroom
a woman standing next to a bed in a room with pictures on the wall above it
an aerial view of a living room and bedroom
a bedroom with plants on the wall and an unmade bed
a person sitting on a bed with a laptop