Luiara Sassi Confeitaria Artística

90 Pins
a blue and white cake sitting on top of a table next to some green balloons
Bolo Pequeno Príncipe
a three tier cake with a stethoscope on top
Bolo Formatura de Medicina
a multi layer cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers and plates
Bolo Volta ao Mundo
a white and black striped cake with pink flowers on the bottom tier is decorated with gold numbers
Bolo 18 anos
a watermelon cake with berries, kiwis and other fruits on top
Bolo de frutas
a purple cake with a couch on top and a stick in the middle is sitting on a silver platter
Bolo Friends
a woman holding up a cake with animals on it in front of a brick wall
Bolo Floresta Encantada
a wedding cake with pink and white flowers in vases next to other desserts
Bolo de casamento
a wedding cake with flowers and chocolates on a table next to a platter
Bolo de casamento espatulado
a birthday cake made to look like an astronaut's space suit with planets around it
Bolo Astronauta
a white wedding cake sitting on top of a table next to lit candles and flowers
Bolo de casamento clássico
a person holding a cake with the number twenty five on it in front of some flowers
Bolo a Bela e a fera!
a heart shaped cake with red icing on a white plate in front of a brick wall
Bolo Halloween!
Um cérebro em forma de bolo ou bolo em forma de cérebro?!
a wooden table topped with lots of toys and balloons in the shape of firetrucks
Bolo esculpido Mac
Mac - relampago McQueen
there is a cake decorated with blue and pink flowers
Bolo Cinderela