Crochet Romanian Point - Tutorial

Macramé Style Crochet (Romanian Point Lace) in Anna Burda, March 1981

/italian_buttonhole_insertion - /nieleke/embroidery/ BACK for EMB. along w/ other insertion stitches!


Ирландское кружево.

Filling stitches for Macramé Crochet lace

Filling stitches for Macramé Crochet lace from Anna Burda in German - pdf

spighetta romena all'uncinetto - great video tute on a tight crochet cord chord to use in irish russian romanian freeform crochet designs (in Italian too so can practise that at same time!

Video for creating the flex cord for the point lace Knot tatting. If you do not speak Italian, watch video closely

Video Tutorial on how to crochet cord used by the Italian maker of the Russian skirt pattern I pinned today.