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Annie Leonhardt<<<i love you, but youre the reason sweet freckled jesus is dead. So im pissed at you.

I just finished Attack on Titan and I have to say it was awesome! So much drama and Annie was amazing in the show. They need to make season two!

Peter Capaldi,12th Doctor,Doctor Who Season 10,Mondos Cyber

Peter Doctor,Doctor Who Season Cyber

David Tennant,Matt Smith,Peter Capaldi,Doctors,Doctor Who

David Tennant,Matt Smith,Peter Capaldi,Doctors,Doctor Who

Tenth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

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Ragnar is even sexy when he is piss. If i was one of his wives, i think i would piss him off often!

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Travis Fimmel as Earl Ragnar Lothbrok - Vikings

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Comic-Con Interviews: We Asked Vikings’ Travis Fimmel About The Baby Goat

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When my co-workers start talking to me about their problems

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A frustrated King Ragnar, Season

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I was sick as a dog this past weekend so a friend of mine uploaded "Vikings" season 1 on my ipad and I watched the entire season in two days.