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a hand holding a piece of jewelry with a bow on it's end and a chain attached to the wrist
a necklace and earring set with beads
Vintage purple lilac cross stitched jewel set by NinaNinocska
a necklace with flowers on it is hanging from a chain
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Roses Bouquet Hand Embroidered Necklace Vintage by RedWorkStitches
a hand holding a pink rose pendant on a lace doily with roses in the background
the cross stitch pattern is in pink and grey on a white background with words that spell love
aninreh - Hobbyist, Writer | DeviantArt
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a cross stitch keychain with a pink rose on it
Kanaviçe kolye
three pictures of the same pendant with blue flowers on it
HUZUR SOKAĞI (Yaşamaya Değer Hobiler)
a blue and white necklace on a table
two cross stitch necklaces with flowers in them on a purple tablecloth next to an envelope
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two red flowers are hanging from a black chain on a white background with pink and blue flowers
51 Beğenme, 1 Yorum - Instagram'da Etamin takı, pano ve dahası (@ala_ceyiz): "Gelincik motifli kolye-küpe setimiz Bilgi ve sipariş için DM #gelincik #gelincikçiçeği…"
the cross stitch necklace is decorated with flowers and bows on it's back side
a green scarf with some tassels hanging from it's sides and an ornate design on the front
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