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a close up of a piece of cloth with red flowers on it and green leaves
a white quilt with red embroidery on it
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an embroidered table runner with pink roses on the border and green leaves at the edge
Kanaviçe #ranir
a table runner with flowers and vines on it
a cross stitch table runner is shown on an iphone screen, with the pattern displayed
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a white table cloth with pink roses and hearts on the border is being stitched
the necklace has three red flowers on it
Kolye - küpe takımı? sipariş i
Kolye - küpe takımı sipariş | kanaviçekolye k
an embroidered tablecloth with pink flowers and vines on white linen, in the shape of a rectangle
ıncı Durgutalp
ıncı Durgutalp
three white napkins with blue flowers on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden table
a black table cloth with pink flowers on it
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two needle - embroidered items are sitting on a white tablecloth, one has a locke and the other is a necklace
Gül kolye