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Reusing scraps
Incompatible plants - some plants grow well together and some plants do not plant together! Vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes [LEARN MORE]
Companion planting is growing specific herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in close proximity to each other, enhancing the growth of both plants. These 7 herbs and flowers all have excellent pest repelling properties to help your vegetable garden thrive. Here's how to get started companion planting with herbs. #garden #herbs #homestead via @Attainable Sustainable

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amazing fire pit
47 incredible diy backyard firepit ideas
Build a Fire Pit

Fire Pits

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How to Use Coffee Grounds For Hydrangea Plants - Hydrangea Love
Add Coffee Grounds To Change Color Of Hydrangea

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A muffin pan that is too rusty to bake with is seriously PERFECT for upcycling as a plant starting tray for your herb seeds. So, if you've wanted to grow an herb garden this summer, use a baking pan as seed pots for germinating seeds! #seedstarted #growingherbs #seedpots #seedling #herbgarden #growingherbs #upcycledcrafts #thriftstoreflip #upcyclingideas #gardeningcrafts #gardencrafts #seedcups


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Whip up homemade natural remedies from your herb garden! Click here for the top 10 medicinal plants and herbs you can grow at home. #top10medicinalplants #medicinalplant #medicinalherb #garden #herb


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DIY Weed Killer
How to Prevent Weeds in Flower Beds

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many red and yellow flowers with green stems
These Long-Blooming Perennials Will Keep Your Garden in Color All Summer
a man holding a potted plant in his hand
1.7M views · 46K reactions | Get your free gardening guide on my account ! #gardening #gardenproject #gardentok | My own Garden | My own Garden · Original audio
a person is holding a spray paint on a white paper plate with green trim around it
BUDGETING, SAVING, FRUGAL WAYS, GROCERY HAULS AND HOMEMAKING | When fruit flies become a problem near your food, spray or wipe a plate with cooking oil, then swat at them with it while they're flying | Facebook
an orange bowl filled with lemons and fire
11M views · 499K reactions | make this for your backyard! (DIY Bug Repellent) | make this for your backyard! (DIY Bug Repellent) | By Brooklyn B | Pour some super glue in the middle of a saucer and just spread this around with a little paint brush it comes with. Now grab a large ceramic planter and push down to set it into the glue. Use gorilla glue or E six thousand. Then grab a smaller planter. And put that in the bottom of the planter. And then add some more super glue. Right to the top of that planter. Next grab another ceramic planter and put it right on top and give this a push as well. Next I have some beach pebble. Start with a handful and drop some down the pot. Add them up to that line. Next grab some cheap coffee. And pour that right in the middle pot. Just level that out. Now I've got some lemons and just make sure they're sliced thick and put them right in the pot. You want them right on top of the rocks. I used one lemon for this. That looks great. And now add some lime. Now grab some peppermint and scatter some in. This is from my garden. Alright now take a couple drops of lavender essential oil and drop it into the coffee grinds. I don't know if you've ever had a lavender latte but it smells a whole lot like that and next, take some lighter fluid and pour some right into the grinds. So, now you just want to light this and this is a beautiful mosquito and bug repellent. It'll pick up the scents of the lemon, lime, peppermint, lavender, pretty much all the things that mosquitoes and bugs hate and it looks absolutely breathtaking on a little patio table outside. Smells absolutely delicious and I just love that this is all natural ingredients, no chemicals, and just looks amazing everyone. This will keep the bug out. Hope you all enjoy and happy summer.
a house with the words, the 20 best bushes to plant outside the house, ranked in order
20 Bushes That Look Great In Front Of Houses
Bushes don't just add curb appeal and privacy, they also help insulate your home when planted strategically around your outside walls. Let's take a look at some of the best bushes to plant around your property.
hydrangea plants with text overlay how to use coffee grounds for hydrangea plants
How To Use Coffee Grounds For Hydrangea Plants - Hydrangea Love
How to Use Coffee Grounds For Hydrangea Plants - Hydrangea Love
three pictures of blue and purple flowers in a vase with text overlaying the image
Add Coffee Grounds To Change Color Of Hydrangea
Add Coffee Grounds To Change Color Of Hydrangea
the words how to use coffee for your hydrangeas are in front of flowers
How to Use Coffee for Your Hydrangeas
Wondering how to use coffee grounds for hydrangea plants? Learn how to enhance soil quality, improve plant health, and achieve vibrant blooms with this eco-friendly gardening tip. (How to use coffee for your hydrangeas.)
blue flowers with green leaves in front of a white background and text that reads, the best way to grow hydrangeas
Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds
Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds