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how to dye rice for sensory play with text overlay that reads, how to dye rice for sensory play
Tips to Dye rice
two colorful birds sitting on top of a white bed next to each other with large eyes
Pirates: Crazy Feathered... er, Parrots?
Birds of a feather, flock together - super cute craft from @LittlePageTurners
this is an easy paper fire art project for kids
Preschool: Fire Safety - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
crumbled paper art project for kids with instructions and pictures to make them look like they
Crumpled Paper Art for Kids Inspired by Ish
the fun spring craft diy bird feeders for kids to make with pine cones
DIY Bird Feeders for Kids
Make an easy DIY Bird feeder with your kids this summer with only pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed! This simple pinecone bird feeder is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!
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Earth Day seed bombs
Diy Craft Projects, Craft Activities, Photo Holder Craft, Craft Gifts
Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids - Buggy and Buddy
marbled paper easter eggs on a tray with text overlay that reads marbled paper easter eggs
Marbled Easter Eggs
Create marbled Easter eggs and use them to make a homemade Easter card! It's such an easy art project for kids, and so fun to make unique marbling designs in the paint and shaving cream. It's the perfect craft for Easter and spring!
there are pictures of different plants and dirt in the jar with text overlay that says preschool gardening make your own terrarium
How to Make a Terrarium with Kids
50+ Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids: Heart-Shaped Crafts
50+ Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids: Heart-Shaped Crafts
a paper plate with two hands on it and the words, my five sensess
This is a life science activity where students will learn about the 5 senses and make a project to represent each. Pre-K-LS1-1: Compare, using descriptions and drawing, the external body parts of animals (including humans) and plants and explain functions of some of the observable body parts.