I'm going to try And find a free pattern for a single strap bag like this!

Sacchetto Millerighe pattern by NT Maglia

Türkçe şablonunu verirmisiniz

I was wandering around the internet and saw these lovely lightweight cloth bags for sale in Japan. They are called azuma bukuro. I stared at them and folded paper for about a half an hour and then .

Great crochet bag. And love it in red.

Louca por artes - Bolsas

8- Shoes With Ankle Tie for Super Cute stylesidea-

Shoes With Ankle Tie

Crochet sandals : Beautiful wedges sandals - crochet sandals, made to order by magic4kids on Etsy

Outdoor crochet wedges sandals - women crochet sandals, made to order, crochet sandals with soles, street sandals