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Hand Knitted Things - Patterns: PDF Knitting Pattern Fingerless Gloves I love this look. I might buy the pattern some day.

Free, Ravelry: Everest Scarf pattern by Christy Hills

Everest Scarf pattern by Christy Hills

Коллекция красивых узоров для оформления края спицами

Букет голубых фиалок

A quick and easy pair of mitts using only one hank of Worsted Hand Dyes. This pattern is available as a free download.

One Cable Mitts

These are pretty cute! One cable mitts - free pattern Design by Valerie Teppo Fingerless gloves knit with Worsted Hand Dyes yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas.

Два цвета встретились и стал узор нескучным, - двухцветные узоры спицами | Вязальное настроение...

06 - Жаккард,Миссони,Многоцветные.

You can apply them anywhere your sweetheart wishes, even when knitting men's products, one of the options which you will see in the near future. The only thing, depending on who will wear the knitted thing, you need to correctly choose the color comb