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How to Study Public Life by Jan Gehl

How to Study Public Life: Jan Gehl, Birgitte Svarre Not possible to live your life this way. People, humans are small animals. They have to live in green area's and most preferable in the Forest-edge.

Some of the amazing joinery of the Cloud glass top table #woodwork #joinery #walnut #cloudtable #wood #glass #table

If the Slow Design movement were looking for a poster boy, Ask Emil Skovgaard would undoubtedly be on the shortlist. Treading a fine and virtuosic line.

Indirect Lighting: any lighting that doesn’t show the light source but lets the light reflects.

This lighting features in the Sipopo Congress Center by Tabanlioglu Architects. It's an interesting way to seamlessly incorporate lighting into a feature wall, enhancing its purpose a focal point.

Cool wheel wall on the Phillips Collection website.

This photo provided by Phillips Collection shows The Bicycle Collection, created by upcycling discarded bicycle rims, pedals and frames. The result are rustic yet sophisticated designs that are instantly recognizable as repurposed. The Bicycle Screen