This is a pattern for a slipper sole, but as it is a diagram it can be adapted to use with a large hook and chunky wool to make a oval rug. ( the blog is not in English but that will not matter ).

Tutorial for a crochet sole & base for bags too. Wow, so much easier to get my head around than written patterns. It helps to be able to 'see' it.

free easy slipper pattern- these are the kind I have made for yrs-since H.S. I dont need a pattern have made them for babies up to adult mens size. you need two strands of yarn knitted together for the adults especially and can sew suede on the bottoms to make them last too you can crochet a lace around the ankle and leave off the pompom

Grandma used to knit these.I was in a "Gay fashion show in grade and my costume was an old-fashioned nightgown. I wore a pair of slippers that Grandma knitted."oh, look at her slippers.