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a red and white jet flying through the air
VX-9 Cutlass - Fighter mode
a drawing of a car with its hood open and the words below it are written in black
Marc Philipp Gemballa Marsien
a drawing of a robot that is sitting on the ground
Inktober 2019 - week 4, Brian Sum
ArtStation - Inktober 2019 - week 4, Brian Sum
a drawing of a futuristic vehicle with parts labeled in the top right corner and bottom left corner
Concept Sketches - Linework - Single concept per page
Jet drive speeder bike - Ball point, marker and prisma color on construction paper.
an image of a small construction vehicle with wheels on it's front and side
Image by BABYDOZER SNOWPLOWS #industurz - DM for business inquiries. Share your thoughts below! DM us if there are… | Instagram
the rear end of a white car with red tail lights
Craig Justice on Instagram: "#throwbackthursday @porsche @porsche_gb #porsche #porsche918 #porsche918spyder #918 #918spyder #justicesketch @instagram #porscheartdaily #inspiredbyporsche #holytrinity"
the front view of a white sports car
porsche 928concept by Pedro Guarinon -Sr. designer at Ford Australia