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Tricksy Knitter Charts: Dinosaur (diplodocus)

Tricksy Knitter chartmaker

The Tricksy Knitter chartmaker was an online tool designed by me an built by my DH Charles in 2010. We retired it in 2017. It was a wonderfully cool tool for creative knitters, and we were sad to see it go. But technology is a demanding master/mistress and we both have day jobs, so we were forced to let it go. Thanks

Boat hama perler beads pattern

Схемы украшений для детских изделий

Есть небольшая подборка изображений для украшения детских изделий, делюсь.

Grille gratuite point de croix : Voiture rouge - Le blog de Isabelle

Grille gratuite point de croix : Voiture rouge - Passion creative

Coucou, J'ai été absente cette semaine, j'ai chopé la crève et je ne suis pas en forme. J'ai mal partout. Malgré les médicaments, cela ne passe pas... Aujourd'hui, c'est donc repos. Je vais profiter que mon homme soit parti avec les loulous à une compétition...

Contour-Offer Cat Sweatshirt | ModCloth

Contour-Offer Cat Sweatshirt

When friends first lay eyes on this black sweatshirt, they'll be clawing at the opportunity to borrow it! Instead, you're prepared to propose sporting the wide neckline, soft lining, and white cat contour drawing of this ModCloth-exclusive pullover yourself anytime they wish to have it near. Seems reasonable!