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Hitler and President Hindenburg, 1933

Wendy Pini e Frank Thorne in “Savage Sword of Conan” (october (Photo by Chris Padovano e Bob Pinaha)

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Reich President Paul von Hindenburg Receives Adolf Hitler after the Latter's Appointment as Reich Chancellor (January

There are many prominent figures in Germany’s Illustrious history. Otto von Bismarck united the country after toiling at war with itself in Than during the president Hindenburg led the country during an economic depression.

German Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg October 1847 Ð 2 August was a Prussian-German field marshal, statesman, and politician, and served as the second President of Germany from 1925 to his office at the General Army Headquarters, Germany.

War criminal - Adolf Eichmann, architect of the Final Solution implementation, he fled to South America and ended up in Argentina, undated. Eichmann was eventually abducted by Israeli agents, was put on trial in Israel and was hanged.