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Mahir Zeynalov

Turkish journalist with Today's Zaman. Blogging on Turkey, Mideast. Former LA Times correspondent. Türkçe yazdığım hesabım için @MahirZeynalov_ takip edin.
Mahir Zeynalov
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Louche Juliet Heart And Key Scarf

We’ve found the key to our fashion worshiping hearts with this unique and ridiculously chic new scarf from Louche. Snugly soft and lightweight, the must-have accessory features an all-over key print in black with accents of red provided by a super-sweet h

Dr. Elizabeth Bruyn (surgeon) of Brooklyn sitting in the back of a horse-drawn ambulance.

Elizabeth Bruyn, sitting in the back of a horse drawn ambulance, was an ambulance surgeon in New York City in the early On her first day at work in she saved the life of an 18 month old baby who had been overcome by gas from a leak in an apartment.

A German police officer shoots Jewish women still alive after a mass  execution of Jews from the Mizocz ghetto, Poland, October 14, 1942.

A German policeman shoots individual Jewish women who remain alive in the ravine after a mass execution of Jews from the Mizocz ghetto on October Note that a woman has raised herself and turned to look at her executioner.


"Wait for me Daddy" by Claude P. Dettloff - October 1 A line of soldiers march in British Columbia on their way to a waiting train as five-year-old Whitey Bernard tugs away from his mother's hand to reach out for his father.

- written by a victim of the Holocaust

"I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love even when I cannot feel it. I believe in God even when He is silent." ~written on a wall during the holocaust~ Love this song by Barlow Girl!

~~Nothing has changed over time. Crazy people will be crazy, regardless of the laws on the books! On May 18, 1927, 45 people, mostly children, were killed and 58 were injured when disgruntled and demented school board member Andrew Kehoe dynamited the new school building in Bath, Michigan out of revenge over his foreclosed farm due in part to the taxes required to pay for the new school.

Bath, Michigan School House, dyamited May 1927 by Andrew Kehoe, killing 45 children & injuring WORST mass murder of children STILL in the U. Revenge because increased taxes to build school cost him his farm.

WWI:  The armistice is signed on 11 November 1918 between the French, English and Germans in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France.

This photograph was taken in the forest of Compiègne after reaching an agreement for the armistice that ended World War I. This railcar was given to Ferdinand Foch for military use by the manufacturer, Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.

These children were liberated from Auschwitz. Asked what their names were they answered by lifting up their sleeves (as shown) to show the numbers that were tattooed on them.

1933 First Nazi Concentration Camp Established. Some of the 600 children who had survived the Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp show their tattooed identification numbers upon liberation.

The Japanese surrender, September 2nd 1945 in Tokyo Bay.

The end of World War II - General Douglas MacArthur watches as representatives of Japan stand aboard the USS Missouri prior to signing of the Instrument of Surrender ending World War II - September

Signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson as Martin Luther King Jr. looks on.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of A huge victory for the black equality movement. This helped get ride of "dejour" discrimination. watches as Johnson signs it.