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Seating and back part of our product is made of copolymer polypropylene original raw material with high impact resistance. Non-standard material is not present in the raw material to cause physical and chemical unfavourable conditions in the product structure.

You can find unbreakable, sturdy and comfortable plastic stadium seat in comfort-time.

Lamborghini Egoista

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♂ A Honda Zeppelin foi um projeto criado por Myung Jung Jin, um estudante de hongik CONCEITOS SIGA EM MOVIMENTO - curso de design de carro da Universidade. O Zeppelin foi criada para a sua tese de final de ano - para 2008, a breve era projetar um sedan de luxo para o futuro. por dorthy

Honda Zeppelin was a design created by Myung Jin Jung, a student of Hongik University's car design course. The Zeppelin was created for his final year thesis - for 2008 the brief was to design a luxurious sedan for the future.